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KKMT Research Limited. Improving customer service in Trinidad & Tobago, One (1) employee at a time. 

EXPE Now Available on IOS and Android. Download Today !

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The KKMT Group Of Companies

We provide services to small and midsize businesses to get to the next level.

KKMT Holdings Limited

Our Parent Company

KKMT Research Limited

Administrator of the EXPE Mobile App


Building relationships between companies and audiences.


Providing business advice and customized assistance.

We will give your business wings to reach new heights

Established in 2017, we are an emerging tech startup dedicated to improving customer service across Trinidad and Tobago, with future plans for the diaspora. We are motivated company full of new ideas and energy. We aim to offer an extensive complement of human resource services alongside our flagship mobile application platform, EXPE (NOW AVAILABLE on Android and IOS)

What we do

Here are the services we provide


Customer Service Optimization

Our gamified platform makes it fun and easy for customers to earn rewards by leaving anonymous, employee-specific feedback based on their experiences. 

Staff IDs


Our proximity staff ID cards ensure that all employees are well branded whilst adding an additional layer of verification for customers. 



Data from EXPE provides deep insights into  customer engagement and employee performance. Additionally, our market research services include social and opinion researches. We provide important information which helps to identify and analyze the needs of the market.

Low-cost subscription plans

We have designed affordable subscription pricing plans and benefits for any size business. Discounts available for yearly plans!

$700 TTD

per month


One-time Activation Cost ($1,750)

5 Employees

Unlimited Access to online dashboard

In-App Content: 400 Hours 

Store Branding: Included 

$875 TTD

per month


One-time Activation Cost ($3,000)

10 Employees

Unlimited Access to online dashboard

In-App Content: 1000 Hours 

Store Branding: Included 

$1,400 TTD

per month


One-time Activation Cost ($4,500)

20 Employees

Unlimited Access to online dashboard

In-App Content: Unlimited

Store Branding: Included 

Who we are

Our ambitious team set out to transform customer service in Trinidad & Tobago by creating and developing a dynamic, scalable solution to address a plaguing national issue. We believe that customer service should not be defined based on one interaction rather by the collection of all customer experiences. 

Become a Partner

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Get in touch!

Red Hill D'abadie, Trinidad and Tobago

+1 (868) 283 5568


Follow us:

KKMT Research Limited

A subsidiary of KKMT Holdings Limited

Keelon J Chow


User Experience & Company Culture.

Errod Richards

VP of Finance

The numbers king, handling and managing all of our financial operations.

Deborah Chow


Solves problems and develops client relations.

Jonathan Mohammed

CORE Team Member

Jonathan has been a tremendous support to KKMT over the years and is also a Licensed & Certified Electrical Engineer. 

Anika Ayoung

CORE Team Member

Anika is a wonderful spirit with a passion for people which is exemplified in her career as a soon-to-be Nurse as well as her current employment in the pharmaceutical industry.

Nathanael Forde

CORE Team Member

Nathanael is a level-headed visionary who supports whomever he can and delivers impeccable service, standard and quality in his business, Forde's Process Servers where he works closely with attorneys across T&T.

Kevon Mc Carthy

CORE Team Member

Kevon is always up for a challenge and always grasps at new opportunities. With superb customer service and a humble heart, we know he will succeed as he endeavors to continue his Caribbean Tech Support business.

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